About us

You already have a position on bills before the Legislature
We want your legislators to hear them

digitdemos is a tool that restores political accountability to the people

Accountability in politics is a premise so revolutionary we fought a war of independence over it, and so basic that our nation’s governing doctrine was established on its principle. Yet accountability is the last thing citizens think of when they consider the state of our representative government today. But digitdemos will change that by bringing YOU – the individual resident / voter – back into the lawmaking process.

digitdemos is different from other platforms – it’s about you, not us

All politics is personal. At digitdemos, we understand that the most important position a legislator can consider when making new laws is the one held by YOU, not political insiders. But first, they need to hear it. We make it easy by providing three levels of legislative interaction – Citizen / Agora / Assembly - to fit your personal level of interest. Use digitdemos for FREE as a Citizen and vote on only those bills you determine to be the most important to you. Or, if your level of political interest is higher, choose a paid subscription to take positions and vote on even more issues at the Agora or Assembly levels.

digitdemos respects your privacy and protects your information

digitdemos is entirely subscription reliant and does not accept political ads or share individual user information with any political party, organization, entity, or any other third-party vendor. We don’t sell any of the personal or political data collected or used to operate our site to anyone else. We are completely non-partisan. We aren’t funded by any outside group. We don’t have an agenda. We also don’t take sides on any issue or express an interest or preference in the outcome of any particular piece of legislation. The service digitdemos provides is simply meant to be a tool that you can use to vote on bills and issues before the Legislature and hold your legislators accountable for votes taken on your behalf.