Frequently asked questions


How do I find and select bills to vote on?

Upon successful sign up - and each time you log in to digitdemos - you will be directed to the user Dashboard page containing pending notifications. Click on the Select Category function on the left side of your screen to find and filter bills by category or subcategory; or, you may also search for a specific bill by number or title.

Once you establish categories or subcategories that interest you, digitdemos will continue to notify you of new bills introduced in the Legislature and designated to those categories.

How do I vote on bills after I select them?

Once you’ve chosen your bills, they are removed from the Search & Select Bills tab on the left side of your screen and placed in the Your Selection tab. Your Selection are your chosen bills. Clicking on the Your Selection tab will highlight your bills, allowing you to see more specific information about each one before voting for or against it.

After a bill is highlighted you can click on the Bill Voting Profile page link to see each stage of the legislative process and vote on the bill at specific stages. The user Dashboard page will also notify you when your legislation moves from one stage to another.


How do I let my legislators know my position on specific bills?

Every Colorado resident is represented by two legislators – a state representative and a state senator. The Bill Voting Profile page displays your legislators’ votes on bills throughout the legislative process. Clicking on either legislator’s name links you to their official legislative homepage, where you can send an email indicating your support or opposition to pending legislation BEFORE THEY VOTE ON BILLS ON YOUR BEHALF. Conversely, you can track their votes at each stage of the process, compare their votes with your position on the issues, and provide immediate positive or negative feedback on their representation throughout the session.

How do I find the overall comparison of my votes on bills vs. those of my legislators?

After you log in, clicking on “User voting profile” in the navigation bar will display a page with two tabs: the User Voting Profile tab shows all of the specific votes on bills you selected; the Aggregated Voting Profile tab serves as a legislative performance ‘scorecard’ and illustrates the overall percentage agreement at any given time between your votes and comparable legislative votes (the number of matches divided by the number of total possible matches) for bills found in the User Voting Profile tab.