How it works

Vote on actual proposed bills and legislation before they pass and become law

digitdemos will help restore YOUR voice in government

Interest groups and political insiders already have the ear of the Legislature. Now it’s your turn to be heard.

Review and select proposed bills & issues for the upcoming legislative session
Vote on specific bills & issues and notify your state representative and senator of your position
Rate your legislators’ performance and hold them accountable for votes cast on your behalf
Choose Your User Level (# of Bills):

Level 1: Citizen – FREE up to 25 bills
Level 2: Agora - $2/month* up to 50 bills
Level 3: Assembly - $4/month* up to 100 bills

* billed per annual session
Receive Voting Notifications for:

Opportunities and deadlines to vote YES or NO on any pending bill. Opportunities to inform your legislators of your position on specific bills and issues

Use your legislative scorecard to:

Compare your position on bills with how your legislators actually voted. Hold legislators accountable for their overall representation of your positions on the issues

digitdemos brings YOU - the individual resident/voter - back into the lawmaking process by informing legislators of your position on particular bills or issues, and the positions of others in your area, before they cast their votes on your behalf