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digitdemos is a new, online participatory democracy tool that allows every resident/voter to provide real-time feedback to their legislators and other elected officials as to his or her opinions and preferences on pending legislation and other policy decisions.

Our Promise

We understand that a safe and secure online environment is absolutely essential for Users to engage in the political process and interact with their elected officials in an honest and constructive way. For this reason, digitdemos does not sell, rent or otherwise share personal information about individual Visitors or Users with any third-party, in any manner, for any reason (except for any legally valid requests from law enforcement or other government agencies, described further below). Furthermore, we understand how political opinion is a uniquely sensitive type of personal information and thus will not be shared by digitdemos with any third-party, including pollsters, political campaigns, political organizations, or special interest groups. Because we are a non-partisan, wholly independently owned and operated business, without affiliation with any political party, organization, cause, or agenda, your political views and opinions will remain as personal and private as your choices in the voting booth.

This privacy Policy describes

  • the type of personal information digitdemos collects from Visitors or Users like you;
  • how the personal information is collected and used;
  • how the personal information is stored and protected; and
  • how you can review, modify, or delete the personal information we have collected about you.

digitdemos may periodically update this Privacy Policy to reflect material changes in how we collect, use, or store your personal information. By using digitdemos, you agree to our Terms of Use, which incorporate this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use digitdemos, you consent to any changes we make to this Privacy Policy after receiving a notice of such changes or upon our posting of the new Privacy Policy on the digitdemos website,, which we may do from time to time.

If digitdemos decides to change the policies and practices described in Our Promise, above, regarding the sharing of personal information about individual Visitors or Users, we will ask each Visitor or User from which we may have collected such personal information for permission to do so, and will honor each person’s decision.


Background: Visitors and Users

As more fully described in the Terms of Use and How it Works page, digitdemos provides its Services to both Visitors and Users. “Visitors” are those individuals who merely browse the information provided through digitdemos, without creating an Account necessary to make fuller use of the Services. Visitors may include individuals or entities that download summary charts, trend reports, or other aggregated data sets from digitdemos. “Users” are those individuals who subscribe to use one of three levels of subscriptions to digitdemos more interactive Services.

User Profile

digitdemos provides an Account to each User to allow you to establish and maintain a profile to ensure your political voice reaches the correct elected officials. This User Profile combines information available as public records with additional data provided by each User.

We obtain voter registration information in bulk from the Colorado Secretary of State. For most Users who are registered voters, this will include the information you provided to the state when you registered to vote, which may include your full legal name, a residential address, your age, your gender, and political party affiliation (if any).

We also collect additional information during your registration with the digitdemos system. Specifically, when you create a digitdemos Account, you will be asked to provide some identifying information, which may be cross-referenced against the state voter registration data. This is done to confirm and validate that you are in fact a constituent / voter in the political district or subdivision in which you live. In some cases, where the state voter registration data does not accurately reflect your current residential address or other information, you may be asked to provide digitdemos the most up-to-date data. Where a User is not currently a registered voter, you may be asked to provide information that is comparable to that which is typically contained in the state voter registration database. We will also ask for an e-mail address and a phone number contact for each User to be used to validate and authenticate that a new Account is being created by a real person and to facilitate User contact for purposes of site administration.

digitdemos does not require Visitors to create an Account or verify or correct any voter registration data or other personal information.

Issue Tracking and Policy Preferences

During the course of using digitdemos, each User will have the opportunity to identify and track those pending legislative bills or other policy decisions of interest to you. You will also have the opportunity to register your preference as to the fate of those bills or decisions. This information will be saved and correlated with your User Profile.

digitdemos does not collect from Visitors any personal information related to their preferences as to the fate of any pending legislation.

General Tracking Information for both Visitors and Users

digitdemos may collect basic information about a Visitor’s or User’s computer and your browsing experience while using digitdemos. The computer information we collect is your IP address, what browser you are using, and what operating system you are using. We may also collect data related to your browsing experience using cookies, log files, web beacons, or comparable tools. Cookies are small bits of data that our system automatically places on your computer when you visit a site operated by digitdemos. digitdemos uses those cookies to customize your experience by recognizing you as a registered user whenever you return to our site from the same computer and browser. digitdemos servers automatically generate log files that may contain the IP address you visit from, your browser type, the date, time and duration of your visit, and the particular pages you view.



To comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, digitdemos will never knowingly or intentionally collect any personal information about children under the age of 13. If we obtain actual knowledge that we have collected personal information about a child under the age of 13, digitdemos will immediately delete that information. Because digitdemos does not knowingly or intentionally collect such information, to the best of our knowledge and belief, digitdemos has no such information to use or to disclose to a third party.


digitdemos uses the personal information collected from Users and Visitors in a variety of ways.

  1. Identification of State House and Senate Districts. digitdemos will use personal information collected from Users to cross-reference against the public information obtained from state voter registration records to confirm that you reside within the state House or Senate district or other political subdivision that corresponds to individual legislators or other elected officials. In some instances, the personal information you may enter will be more current than the state voter registration records, in which case we will use the personal information and your affirmation to match-up the appropriate elected officials. When a User is not a registered voter, we will use the personal information to establish which legislators or elected officials correspond to your current residence. Because of the possibility that the software used by digitdemos to match a User’s residential address with a state House or Senate district may not always make the correct correlation, a User may be asked to submit corrections directly to digitdemos, which will be verified and incorporated into the User Profile. digitdemos will not share the personal information we gather in this manner and for this purpose with any third-party.
  2. Issue Tracking and Updates. digitdemos will use the information a User provides about the pending legislation or other policy decisions to send you updates on the status of the bills, issues or other decisions. digitdemos will not share the personal information we gather in this manner and for this purpose with any third-party.
  3. Communicating Opinions and Other Feedback. digitdemos may aggregate with other Users the information you provide about how you would prefer your elected officials vote or otherwise act on the pending legislation or other policy decisions you are tracking, and share this aggregated data with these elected officials and the public. digitdemos will not share the personal information we gather in this manner and for this purpose with any third-party, including the elected officials themselves, or the public.
  4. Legal Process. digitdemos may disclose a User’s or Visitor’s personal information as necessary to comply with relevant law and respond to legally valid requests from law enforcement agencies, courts and other government agencies, consistent with digitdemos Terms of Use.
  5. Summary Data. digitdemos may sell, publish or otherwise transfer non-individualized information to third-parties, including summary or aggregated anonymous information about all or sub-groups of digitdemos Users or Visitors. For example, digitdemos may from time to time compile summary reports and charts regarding groups of Users to reflect overall trends or regional political opinions, support, or resistance to particular legislative matters. In no instance however will these sorts of aggregated data sets or summaries contain a User’s or Visitor’s personal information.
  6. Sale or Merger. digitdemos may sell or transfer a User’s or Visitor’s personal information to third-parties in connection with any merger, acquisition, reorganization, change in capital structure, sale of all or substantially all of the assets of digitdemos, provided however that if such a transaction anticipates the use of Users’ or Visitors’ personal information in a manner inconsistent with Our Promise or other policies in this Privacy Policy, each such User or Visitor will have the opportunity to consent or decline to have their information transferred or used in such a manner.
  7. Other purposes. This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time as other purposes and uses of your personal information are identified. If we decide to use your personal information in other ways, we will either notify you of such changes or post an updated Privacy Policy on the digitdemos website. However, if digitdemos decides to change the policies and practices described in Our Promise, above, regarding the sharing of personal information about individual Users or Visitors, we will ask each currently registered User or Visitor for permission to do so, and will honor each person’s decision.

We use third-party servers to store and protect personal information from Users and Visitors. Each third-party server provider we use employs industry standard encryption and security procedures. While we engage vendors to use commercially reasonable means for protecting against unauthorized access to your personal information, a determined party with sufficient resources may have the means to overcome such precautions, and you understand this may be an unavoidable risk and your use of digitdemos shall be deemed to be acknowledgement of this risk and waiver of any and all claims against digitdemos related to any consequences that may result.


Users may modify your personal information at any time by accessing your User Profile with your digitdemos log-in and Account. There may be some information contained in a User Account that may not be subject to change directly by a User, due to the nature of how the records are stored and validated.


The digitdemos service / tool may contain hypertext links to the websites of one or more third parties. digitdemos is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these other websites.


digitdemos encourages you to share your questions, concerns, and even complaints regarding this and other policies. Hearing directly from you helps us address your individual needs and improve our services for all digitdemos Users. Please email us at:

digitdemos Attn: Privacy Policy
6525 Gunpark Dr., Suite 370 - #136
Boulder, CO 80301

digitdemos is the trade name of digitdemos, llc, a Colorado limited liability company.

Last Updated: July 21, 2014